Memory Multipliers

A Powerful New Way For Children To Learn the Multiplication Tables


Memory Multipliers uses rhymes, pictures, and stories to build upon children’s natural imagination and creativity. Memory Multipliers creates powerful connections that make memorization fun. Memory Multipliers is easy to use and takes only a few minutes each day.
In addition to its interactive onscreen computer components, Memory Multipliers also includes an audio-only version so children can listen and learn on any portable audio device when they’re away from the computer.

Requires Adobe@ Flash@ Player
OS WindowsXP or newer – Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) or newer.


Coming Soon: Memory Multipliers app for Ipod and Ipad!

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cardsFor the complete Memory Multipliers package (includes: poster, software, audio CD and flashcards): $25 + $5 shipping and handling.

Memory Multipliers individual components:


Software program: $10 + $3 shipping and handling

Audio CD: $10 + $3 shipping and handling

Poster: $5 + $3 shipping and handling

Flash cards: $10 + $3 shipping and handling


Memory Multipliers

Special opportunities are available for schools or groups. To find out more please email us

Coming soon: Super Silly Spelling Stories!